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Save space with an asymmetrical washbasin

Over the years, the washbasin evolved from a purely hygienic solution to a functional piece of bathroom furniture. Not only do you wash your hands or brush your teeth at the washbasin, its mirror is also the place to be for your daily care. So if you think about it, wouldn't it be useful to have a little more space to put down the stuff you need to get ready, rather than that second sink that often remains untouched? Detremmerie designed a washbasin which takes over the length of a double washbasin, but because there's only one washbowl also provides extra storage space.


Detremmerie 140 asymmetrische wastafel sfeer

A perfect match with No Limit Deluxe

The new washbasin design has a depth of 51 cm and can be delivered with a length of 100 or 140 cm. This way you can choose how much space you need next to the washbasin, based on how many shaving utensils, make-up and other accessories you wish to store. There are two modern colour options available: matte white and matte black. These styles match perfectly with the matt lacquered cabinets from our No Limit Deluxe collection. Their mitred edges fit nicely with the sleek look of the asymmetrical washbasins.

Detremmerie 140 asymmetrische wastafel spiegel Detremmerie 140 asymmetrische wastafel sfeer 2

Floating or classic arrangement

The washbasins can be mounted on top of a No Limit Deluxe cabinet or left floating above a base cabinet for a playful touch. We neatly hide the drain of the washbasin under a covering cap in the same colour: clean and classy!

Detremmerie 100 asymmetrische wastafel

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