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A marble washbasin for your bathroom with the ‘No Limit’ and ‘Architect’ collections

Anyone who has ever spent an evening browsing Pinterest will know that it’s now almost impossible to imagine our bathroom landscape without marble being a part of it. With its beautiful hues and patterning, this natural stone is popular with younger and older users alike. A bathroom cabinet made from marble always takes on a clean and timeless look, and is certain to catch your eye during your morning and evening routine. We’ll show you the best way to integrate marble into your bathroom.


How to bring marble into your home

Detremmerie offers contemporary marble in both the No Limit bathroom range and the Architect range, where we undertake bespoke projects to match the unique features of your bathroom. Choose from a suspended marble washbasin or a washbasin top with integrated surface-mounted basin with a matte finish and clear design for an enduringly modern appearance. There’s even a unique, contemporary look for the ‘smallest room’.

Foto 2 sfeer 1
Emperador Brown marble surface-mounted washbasins

The range of options for your bathroom

Both the No Limit and Architect bathroom ranges offer a choice of suspended marble washbasin or washbasin mounted on a cabinet or frame. These unique marble blocks are produced in a single piece and then finished by hand.

If you’re more a fan of our surface-mounted washbasins, you can choose from a selection of round, oval and rectangular models in a range of colours. Your countertop will then be part of the finish of the bathroom unit; alternatively, you could choose a top covering made of marble. This washbasin top has a thickness of 2 or 10 cm and comes with a custom finish.

Marmer carrara hoofdfoto licht onderaan
Suspended washbasin in White Carrara (951)

Please note that you will need to use supports every 60 cm of width to ensure the sturdiness of your bathroom furniture. A block of marble that is 2 metres wide and 10 cm thick weighs 75 kg, so act with caution and never suspend your furniture from just any old wall.

For toilet rooms, we can provide smaller washbasins of 40 cm by 22 cm. Prefer a little more space? Then opt for a larger washbasin with a protruding front for some additional space in which to wash your hands. Alternatively, opt for an 80 cm model with added storage space.

Beeld 1 front
Washbasin 8 in Silver Fantasy

Our different types of marble are produced in a single piece and are permanently treated to guard against marks and stains. With white, black, brown (Emperador Brown) and grey (Silver Fantasy), you should repeat this treatment twice every year with our Detremmerie maintenance product to prevent your marble from absorbing beauty products or cleaning products. If you opt for white (Carrara), grey (Polar Grey or Pietra Grey), black (Negro or Portoro Nero), brown (Coffee or Emperador Dark) or green (Verde India), no further treatment is needed.

Black White
Untitled design

Our favourite? That would be the washbasin 8, which is available in four different colours. It is the only model that can be suspended by itself, but can also be accompanied by a base cabinet as an option. It is easy to suspend with the integrated attachment.


Marble is an incredibly strong natural product that, if given the right level of care, can last for a lifetime! You should maintain your single-piece marble bathroom accessory twice a year with our Detremmerie ‘liquid wax’ maintenance product, the universal product for natural stone. This product gives the marble a greasy protective layer, which prevents soap residue from sticking to your furniture.

Please note that this only applies to the colours White, Emperador Brown, Black and Silver Fantasy – all other colours will be permanently treated before they arrive, and do not need further treatment. How should you proceed? Start by pouring the liquid wax onto a cloth, then polish it onto the surface. Allow the liquid wax to work for around 30 seconds, then wipe it off. Doing this will protect your marble for life!

Foto 6 marmer white red
Single-piece white marble: W x D X H: 60 x 45 x 30 cm

The benefits of marble

  • We can apply a protective layer to all of our marble washbasins to make them more resistant to marks, stains and scratches. This way, your marble will remain intact and keep its classic, stylish look.
  • No two blocks of marble ever look alike! That’s because marble is a natural product and the patterning and colour are always unique.
  • Marble is extremely strong and once in place, you can enjoy it for life.
  • Its classic look is what makes it such a popular material. ‘Timeless’ and ‘chic’ are just two words we can use to describe marble, and yet even then you are still only in the middle of the price range. What about something bolder? In that case, why not green marble?
  • When it comes to custom designs, marble is a rewarding product to work with. A bathroom cabinet that matches your personal taste and style to the very finest detail, anyone?
  • This material can cope with high temperatures, which is perfect for those who enjoy hot showers.

The drawbacks of marble

  • Mitre cuts are used to bond marble sheets, hence the straight angles. This means that dust and residue can accumulate in the corners more easily than with rounded joints. If you opt for single-piece marble, its shape will be carved, with more rounded corners to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.
  • Never be too enthusiastic when it comes to cleaning marble! It’s sensitive to scratches so always be extra careful. Lukewarm water, a suitable cleaning product and a soft cloth are all you need to clean your bathroom furniture effectively. No abrasive sponges allowed!
AMS 1404 DET BDK Cam B v1 20191211
Surface-mounted washbasin in White Carrara on a Negro countertop

Did you know...

Detremmerie can also provide you with a marble shower tray to match your washbasin? Our range also includes matching coloured bathtubs!

AMS 1404 DET BDK Cam A v1 20191211
Marble washbasin and shower tray

Inspired to give your bathroom a new look? We would be happy to help you! Book a visit to our showroom or search for your dealer to place your order.

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