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A crystal-clear overview of glass washbasins for your bathroom

Glass is an ecological and sustainable material that is seeing an upsurge in popularity thanks to its maintenance friendliness. The material always looks elegant and yet is very affordable. In order to obtain a bathroom cabinet made of glass, the glass sheets are heated at high temperatures and the shape of the basin moulded in the glass sheet.


See how you can add this material to your home

Gone are the days when glass was a fragile material. Our technology and product development are now so advanced that a glass washbasin top can last a lifetime. In addition to this, an original design is possible which means not only private individuals choose the material for their bathroom but restaurants, hotels and spas firmly believe in the added value of glass bathroom cabinets too. At Detremmerie, not only do we consider functionality and hygiene but also safety. For this reason, all our glass is made of safety glass.

Glass 120 detail wastafel sfeer LR
Integrating a glass washbasin in your bathroom

The various options for your bathroom

Convinced about including glass in your own bathroom furniture? Opt for a sink with built-in bowls.


Only use a damp cloth to clean glass. Still after something a little shinier? If so, use a glass cleaner such as Glassex. Never use aggressive or acidic cleaning agents as these could damage the material. You should also use an acid-free silicon sealant for the edge finishing.

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Washbasin in red glass

The benefits of glass

Glass is a thin and sleek material and easy to maintain. For typical use, it is also scratch-resistant.

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A glass washbasin can last a lifetime for typical use

The disadvantages of glass

Be careful when belting out Bohemian Rhapsody in your bathroom since falling sharp objects may cause scratches or break your washbasin. In order to prevent flaws and discolouration, the temperature must not exceed 65°C. Of course, your water will never be so hot but when using styling tools, it is best to use a protective cover if you put them down on your washbasin.

Dark Grey Glossy with glass white mat - detail bis
Double washbasin in glass

Did you know that…

glass is available in many colours?

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