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Integrating a ceramic look into your bathroom

When it comes to bathroom cabinets and accessories, ceramic and ceramic marble are quite possibly the most popular materials out there. A ceramic look is both classy and clean, and is available with either a glossy or matte finish. The combination of clay, water and powders results in a robust product that is poured into a mould so that it can be fired and then glazed.


How to add this material to your home

Ceramic marble is actually a thin plate material that is mitred before being turned into a washbasin with an integrated wash bowl, making it less vulnerable to scratches and wear. Detremmerie offers ceramics with either a matte or glossy finish.

Washbasin top in ceramic marble Calacatta on base
Washbasin top in ceramic

The range of options for your bathroom

Introduce ceramic into your bathroom with surface-mounted wash basins, integrated washbasins or a toilet made from the same material. With ceramic marble, you can choose from trendy prints such as Calacatta, Bamboo black and Travertin. In terms of installation, you can opt for a suspended washbasin top with in-built wash bowl, a washbasin top supported by a base or a countertop with surface-mounted wash bowl.



Keep your ceramic bathroom cabinets and fixtures clean with a sponge and soap. Do not use sharp objects, as these can scratch the surface.

Washbasin top with black ceramic

The benefits of ceramic marble

  • Ceramic marble is popular with all ages thanks to its robust nature.
  • The thin, glazed layer gives a wash bowl an even surface, whether in a glossy or matte finish.
  • The smooth surface makes it easy to clean, even with a basic scrubbing sponge.

The drawbacks of ceramic marble

  • Although ceramic is extremely strong, it still needs to be treated with care. You shouldn’t let hard and heavy objects fall on the glaze, as the firing process means that ceramic cannot be repaired.

Did you know...

that we can match the colour of your toilet to that of your washbasin?

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